Enrollment for Undergraduate Studies

?What Do I Need To Enroll

– Egyptian General Secondary School Certificate (Egyptian Leaving Certificate (Thanaweya ‘Amaa) or an equivalent Certificate).

– To score total marks which are within the minimum range of marks required for admission to the University and have passed any prerequisite school subjects required by the faculty to be applied for.

Where to Apply?

– All required papers should be handed in to the applicant’s embassy in Cairo or Central Department for International Student Affairs services at: 2 Dareeh Saad Zaghloul Street –Maglis El Shaa’b – Cairo.

What Documents Do I Need to Enroll?

– The Egyptian General Secondary School Certificate or equivalence. Holders of an equivalent certificate must have it verified by their country’s embassy in Cairo or the Egyptian Embassy in the applicant’s home country.  Holders of the Egyptian General Secondary School Certificate must submit the white form confirming their success.

– The original Birth Certificate or an official Transcript of Birth.

– A valid Passport.

– An official Application Letter from the applicants Embassy in Cairo (applicable only to applicants that apply through their embassy).

– Six recent Digital Photos.

– A certificate of success in any prerequisite subjects required by the faculty to be applied to.

– An application fee of 150 L.E in the form of postal transfer receipt or a check to the International students Fund (Central Bank of Egypt, Account No. 5 / 82144 / 450 / 9 ).

How to verify my Certificate?

Verification of a Certificate means to have it Certified by the issuing entity, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the applicant’s home country, the Egyptian Embassy in the applicant’s home country. Applicants from Eastern European countries, North and Latin American Countries and Russia must also verify the certificate from the Egyptian Cultural Advisor in their home country. Unverified certificates will not be accepted.

Equivalence of non- Egyptian Secondary Certificates:

If the applicant certificate hasn’t been granted equivalence to the Egyptian Secondary Certificate ever before , one of the following should be done:

– Present the Certificate to the Egyptian Embassy in your home country and ask for the equivalence procedure to be carried out

– Present the certificate to the department of Certificate equivalence in the Ministry of Education in Egypt with the following documents:

1- An extensive report on the educational system in the applicant’s home country that includes: The educational stages or levels and the number of years in each level.

2- An extensive report on the curriculums of the Secondary stage and the academic year’s timetable.

3- A record of both local and International Universities that accept the applicant’s Secondary certificate.

According to the supreme council of universities decree in 27/1/2000 for admission of international students:

– International students who have been granted the equivalence to the Egyptian Secondary Certificate are exempted from proving their success in the foreign language if the language wasn’t compulsory in their home country’s curriculum. If the foreign language is taught within the faculty or department to which he applies, the applicant is to take the exam in the language and being granted the diploma or bachelor degree is dependent on his success in it.

– An international student whose mother tongue isn’t Arabic and have never studies Arabic as a foreign language in their Secondary stage are exempted from a complementary exam in Arabic, Religion and social studies.

– International students as well as students holding the Egyptian Secondary certificate who haven’t undertook any of the prerequisite subject to qualify for a certain faculty are prevented from applying to it but should be capable of applying to any other faculty within the university which does not demand that missing subject .