Healthcare services

Healthcare services:

Helwan University offers healthcare services for International Students. Illustrations and guiding posters to the healthcare facilities can be seen around the university an especially on the front gate. Health clinics that operate throughout the 24 hours of the day are situated in the students’ dorm (building nine for males and building twelve for females).

In case of accidents or a medical condition that occurs on campus, it is the students right to receive treatment in the healthcare unit of the university or faculty. If the accident happens off- campus, the student has the right to receive treatment in: The closest governmental hospital, Helwan University Hospital, Giza Student Hospital, EL Agouza Hospital, Heliopolis Hospital, Bahman psychiatric Hospital in Helwan, Dar Al Mokatam Hospital and Al Kasr El Ainy Hospital. The Medical department in Helwan University must be contacted within 48 hours from admission in one of these hospitals. The health department can be contacted via telephone at: (02) 25569518.