About Our International Office

About Our International Office:

The Helwan University International Office (HUIO) was launched in 2012 to tend to International students of all academic backgrounds on both the undergraduate and postgraduate stage. HUIO offers assistance for International students throughout their stay in Egypt and helps them adapt and merge in with the foreign academic environment. We are happy to receive any inquiries at our office on the fourth floor in the administration building (The headquarter of the President of The University) in the HU campus.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a pioneering, striving and distinct entity within Helwan University that functions as an internationally accredited research and academic facility and is trustworthy administration wise, technologically and above all human wise.

Our Mission:

– To enforce the image of Helwan University as a unique Egyptian university and increase its competitive capacity on both regional and international levels.

– To well accommodate the university with services and facilities for international students who upon graduation become the university’s ambassadors abroad.

– To assist International students in adapting to the academic life and merge in the university’s community which by turn enriches the university’s alumni.

Our Services:

– Facilitate and monito administrational procedures regarding enrollment, registration and graduation.

– Designate an employee in each faculty to tend to international students and provide any needed assistance.

– Grant security clearances needed for international students.

– Establish contact lines with foreign embassies and the international administration within the Ministry of Higher Education in case any obstacles arise within the admission process.

– Provide On- Campus student accommodation such as in the university’s student dorms (to be paid on monthly bases)or off – campus in The Tourism and Hotel Management faculty’s hotel in Manyal( also paid on monthly bases) .

– Host periodical feedback sessions with international students and employees I the international office to solve any problems that may arise and establish channels of contact via telephone, email and social media.

– Plan guided tours to Egypt’s touristic sites in association with the faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management.

– Hold an annual International Day festival in the month of May.

– Arrange an annual meeting between the university’s higher board and the cultural advisors of Arab embassies.

– Organize a marketing campaign in the Gulf region to pitch our International Office and attract Arab students.

– Provide sufficient data regarding course descriptions.

– Publish the academic resumes of the university’s scholars and staff online.