University Campus


Helwan University (HU) was inaugurated in 1975.To our current day, the university comprises 20 different faculties, some of which distinct it from all other universities in Egypt by being uniquely and exclusively present within its walls such as: The Faculty of Fine Arts, The Faculty of Applied Arts, The Faculty of Art Education and The Faculty of Music Education. In addition to the previous faculties, The University is host to 58 self- sponsored units. Although on establishment most faculties were off-campus, but by 1985 they began to gather in the university’s main campus in Ain Helwan, reaching a bigger number of faculties on campus by 2014.


The establishment of the 350 Feddan campus in Ain Helwan was not only an educational and academic achievement but also a social and environmental one, specially for the surrounding areas such as Ezbet El Walda. On inauguration, the officials at HU tended to provide the surrounding population with training courses, seminars and workshops to ensure effective public participation and aid in the upgrade of the surrounding urban environment. Public Participation and inclusion mechanisms entailed various strategies, most important of which was providing employment opportunities for the population in the near vicinity of the campus