Recommendations of the First International Conference for African Studies “Sustainable development for Africa We Want” at Helwan University

The launch of the conference activities coincided with the inauguration of the Center for African Studies and Research Cooperation at Helwan University. The three-day conference concluded between 9-11 of December 2019 has been concluded under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Prof. Majed Negm, President of Helwan University and the leadership of Prof. Mona Fouad, Vice President for post graduate studies and research. The conference, in cooperation with the Center for African Studies and Research Cooperation, aimed to activate joint African visions towards issues and areas of development, especially in light of the economic or social challenges facing the continent. The conference addressed several axes, most notably: Arts, Literature and Heritage for Communication in Africa, Learning, Sustainable Development in Africa, Health and Pharmaceutical Industry in Africa, Digital Transformation, Renewable Energy, Biotechnology in Africa and Urban Planning.
The recommendations of the conference can be listed as follows:
1- The necessity of cooperation and work to deepen the African culture and identity in the fields of art and literature.
2- Developing the continent in planning and building cities while preserving its urban identity.
3- Establishing an Information Base for technical activities.
4- Establishing a museum for African arts in the new capital.
5- Translating important African books.
6- Offering scholarships for students coming from African countries.
7- Conducting objective studies on digital transformation and artificial intelligence.
8- Combined efforts to eliminate endemic diseases, especially Hepatitis C
9- Establishing an office for African students affiliated to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
10- Spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and establishing incubators in the field of biotechnology.
11- Strengthening cooperation with African universities to submit joint research projects to international funding agencies.
12- Raising awareness of the importance of biological diversity and the need to preserve it on the African continent.
13- Setting a long-term plan for cooperation with Africa within the university’s strategic plan.
14- Raise awareness of the importance and risks of digital transformation.
15- Supplying the continent with energy from clean sources using various technologies.
16- Holding the conference annually to develop the continent while preserving its cultural identity.