President of Helwan University welcomed the Japanese Delegation of Saitama University

Within the framework of the strong international relations between Egypt and Japan, Prof. Maged Negm, President of Helwan University, along with Prof. Hossam Refai, Vice President of Community Science and Environmental Development, and Prof. Mona Fouad Attia, Vice President of Postgraduate Studies and Research, and some Deans from different Faculties, welcomed Prof. Seilichiro Nakabasyshi, Vice President of Saitama University (International Affairs and Research) and Prof. Makoto Nagasawa, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Humanities. The meeting consolidated the joint cooperation between Egypt and Japan, in preparation for signing a cooperation protocol between Helwan University and Saitama University.

At the beginning, Prof. Maged Negm welcomed the guests and highlighted the importance of this meeting to discuss ways of cooperation between the two universities. Followed by a presentation on Helwan University- as one of the greatest Egyptian universities- Prof. Negm presented its different faculties and institutions, its unique programs and specializations, international ranking as well as the partnerships with international universities. He added several aspects such as exchanging students, introducing summer programs, and how to finance projects and research. Finally, he encouraged the establishment of a Japanese language department at Faculty of Arts through a protocol of cooperation with Saitama University.

On the other hand, Professor Makoto Nagasawa expressed his happiness by being there at Helwan University. Prof. Nagasawa presented the different 4 academic programs offered by Saitama University (Undergraduate Programs- Graduate Programs- Non-degree Programs- Summer Programs) in different fields such as: Humanities and Arts, Sciences, Economics, Education, and Law. In addition, he pointed out the uniqueness of Saitama University internationally. His speech was followed by a presentation by Prof. Nakabasyshi about the usage of Nano-biomechanics for prevention Cancer.

Besides, Prof. Mona Fouad Attia added the importance of interdisciplinarity among courses of Arts, Language and Media between the two universities, and students exchange in the programs taught in English language in Japan in the field of inter-cultural studies. She clarified that this cooperation can be accomplished through the following steps: students exchange, funding projects and joints and double degree. Moreover, Prof. Hossam Refai emphasized the importance of expanding the horizons of cooperation between Egypt and Japan in the various scientific fields.

At the end of the meeting, the President of Helwan University, Prof. Maged Negm handed the shield of Helwan University to the guests, and he received a souvenir from them, as well.

Media Center , Helwan University