10 initiatives from Helwan University to confront “Coronavirus epidemic”

Under the patronage of Prof. Maged Negm, President of Helwan University, some faculties have organized many initiatives in different fields, that aim to spread societal awareness towards the new Coronavirus epidemic, in order to work on limiting its spread.
For the medicine field, Faculties of Home Economics and Applied Arts cooperated with the Federation of Egyptian Industries and Makhlouf Group, to produce protective clothing for quarantine hospital doctors, and to manufacture medical clothing, headgear, and shoe covers. While Faculty of Medicine supervised the sterilization of these clothes and made sure they matched the quality standards and Health safety. Besides, the medical senior and undergraduate students participated in the initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education under the slogan “Ready to Volunteer- We have no Fear” to train the medical staff in dealing with critical cases. Also, under the supervision of Prof. Hossam Refai, Vice President of Community Science and Environmental Development, “University with You” is another initiative launched by the Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs sector, in coordination with the Center for Monitoring Studying of Social Problems (CMSSP) and the NGOs, in order to support daily employment and distributing food to citizens in the most affected areas, as well as urging citizens to stay at home. Moreover, there was a cooperation between Faculty of Medicine and Badr University Hospital to produce medical masks to meet the WHO international standards. Also, another initiative by Faculty of Medicine under the slogan of “Stay at home. Read at home “, presented online references in all medical specialties, free training courses and free websites developing virtual education platforms.
On the other hand, Faculty of Fine Arts launched an initiative under the slogan of “Online with you-Stay home” in order to motivate its students to follow-up the online lectures. Following the same track, Faculty of Applied Arts launched three initiatives: first “We Are with You” in which it prepared more than thousand boxes containing the basic supplies for the neediest families in the random areas. Second initiative is ” Online Achievements ” to publish the university positive news, a presentation of student achievements, a video Entitled “Oh My Beautiful Country “, and the production of short films to spread awareness on Corona virus. Finally, “Applied Online” initiative came to display various online materials of the faculty’s specializations, motivate students to e-learning process, and provide advice to students while highlighting the distinctive artworks of them, under the slogan of “Stay at home – We are with you.”
As for the music field, Faculty of Music Education uploaded a music piece on the Internet urging citizens to stay at home. While “For Egypt” university family launched an online competition for students in the field of singing and poetry.

Media Center , Helwan University