Book of Abstract Files (Pharmacy Faculty)

NameBook of Abstract Files
Assistant lecturer, Heba Taha Sharaf El Din
A Comparative Study on the Effect of Leptin Hormone and Gemfibrozil
in an Experimental Model of Hyperlipidemia Induced by Chronic Ethanol Treatment

A Comparative study on the role of leptin and gemfibrozil in ethanol-induced hyperlipidemia in rats
Assistant lecturer,Shahenda Mahgoub
Effect of Molokhia Extract on Experimentally Induced Diabetes Mellitus

Effect of Molokhia Soup on Blood Sugar, Hepatic Antioxidant Status
and Plasma Lipid Profile in Diabetic Rats

Assistant lecturer,Ahmed Mohammed Abd El_Mohsin MahmoudThe Clinical Value of Adipocyte Secretory Proteins as Markers in Complications of Egyptian Type 1 Diabetics

Clinical Value of Adipocytin in Egyptian Type 1 Diabetics

How Adiponectin Correlate with Disease Duration & Atherogenic Indices in Type 1 Diabetes
Prof, Sameh Soror Publications list :
1. A cold-active esterase of Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2).
2. Mining the genome sequence for novel enzyme activity.
3. A llama-derived gelsolin single-domain antibody blocks gelsolin-G-actin interaction.
4. Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of a specific VHH domain against mouse prion protein.
5. Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of kanamycin-binding β-lactamase in complex with its ligand.
6. Combining in-situ proteolysis and microseed matrix screening to promote crystallization of PrPc-nanobody complexes
7. Is Cystatin C a powerful Predictor of Cardiovascular Diseases in patients with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? (Study on Egyptian patients)
8. Ethionamide Boosters Part 2: Combining Bioisosteric Replacement and Structure-Based Drug Design.
9. Structural activation of the transcriptional repressor EthR from M. tuberculosis by single amino-acid change mimicking natural and synthetic ligands.
10. A novel expression system for production of soluble prion proteins in E.coli.

Assistant lecturer,Rasha YoussefOptimization & Evaluation Methods for the Assessment of Waterborne Escherichia coli in Egypt
Associate Professor,Dalia Samuel Shaker
In-Vitro Skin Permeation and Biological Evaluation of Lornoxicam Monolithic
Transdermal Patches
Dr. Basant AbdulrahmanPublications list:
1- Asc-dependent and independent mechanisms contribute to restriction of Legionella pneumophila infection in murine macrophages
2- Apoptosis-associated Speck-like Protein (ASC) Controls Legionella pneumophila Infection in Human Monocytes
3-Caspase-11 Promotes the Fusion of Phagosomes Harboring Pathogenic Bacteria with Lysosomes by Modulating Actin Polymerization
4- Exaggerated inflammatory responses mediated by Burkholderia cenocepacia in human macrophages derived from Cystic fibrosis patients
5- Burkholderia cenocepacia O polysaccharide chain contributes to caspase-1-dependent IL-1β production in macrophages
6- Depletion of the ubiquitin binding adaptor molecule SQSTM1/p62 from macrophages harboring cftr ΔF508 mutation improves the delivery of Burkholderia cenocepacia to the autophagic machinery
7- The Role of Autophagy in Burkholderia cenocepacia Infection
8- Activation of the pyrin inflammasome by intracellular Burkholderia cenocepacia.
9- Autophagy stimulation by rapamycin suppresses lung inflammation and infection by Burkholderia cenocepacia in a model of cystic fibrosis
Assistant lecturer,Hanaa Khalaf Biomy Vaspin Concentration in Obesity, Impaired glucose tolerance and Type 2 Diabetes
Assistant lecturer,Naglaa Mohamed AhmedSynthesis of Certain Pyrimidine Derivatives of Anticipated Biological Activity