Book of Abstract Files (Education)

Book of Abstract Files
Prof .Soheir SeleimPublication List:
1 - Language Learning Activities Suitable for Teaching English to Young Learners
2-  Missing Electronic Feedback in Egyptian EFL Essay Writing Classes
3- The Effect of Using Team Teaching and Critical Incidents Analysis Strategies on Improving
Non-specialist EFL Primary Teachers' Language Proficiency and Professional Knowledge Base
4- The Effectiveness of A Suggested Self-Instruction Programme on Developing
Student-Teachers' English Language Study Skills
5- Using Appreciative Inquiry Approach to Improve Teaching Performance of English Basic
Education Student- Teacher

Prof. Nadia AboDoniaPublications list :
1-Evaluation of the effectiveness of a program for developing of critical thinking, and its impact on rational thinking among university students.
2-Classical conditioning from cognitive view.
3-The impact of both academic achievement and some of the trait of personality on time management and time estimation and teaching performance for college students.
4-Common misconceptions among students in the Division of Special Education Therapeutic diagnostic study.
5-The effectiveness of some strategies Acquisition of scientific concepts on the content structure of cognitive and academic achievement have fifth graders.
Prof. Salwa AbdelBakiPublication List:
1- Mid –Term Evaluation of the CEOSS Implemented Enhancement of Primary Education in 10 governmental Primary Schools In Suhag Governorate Project.
2-Coping Strategies of Egyptians and Their Personality Characteristics
3-Mutual Visions of Death Anxiety among Socio-Economic Segments of People
4-The Psychic Costs of Separation of Children from Their Fathers A Qalitative Analysis of Responses of children Who Live in Separated Families Center For Egyptian Women Legal Advice
5-Reform of Technical and Vocational Education and Training System The Ministry of Housing in Cooperation with the TVET Program.
Dr. Duaa Abd El Regal Ein Trainingsprogramm zur Förderung der Unterrichtstätigkeiten bei den Lehrerstudenten durch Integration vom sprachlichen Wissen, pädagogischen und methodischen Verfahren im DaF-Unterricht
Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Aziz Ayad The Effectiveness of a Proposed Training Program to Provide Primary School Students with Craftwork and Artistic skills and it is Impact on Developing Innovative Thinking and Trend towards Craftwork
Assistant lecturer,Shady Milad Ghaly Abd Al-SayidThe effectiveness of educational-games strategy on developing number sense of the primary school pupils
Dr. Eman said Mohamed Mostafa Abuo El EnainPublication List:
1- The Causal Relationships between Academic Achievement and Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving style and Hemisphericity Dominance for University Students.
2-The Effectiveness of a Suggested Program for Improving the Cognitive Representation for a Sample of College Students Suffering from Learning Disabilities in the Arabic Language.
Dr. Nadia SolimanPublication List:
1-Egyptian Society for Educational Technologies
Development of visual culture to non-specialists in art through art education
2- Proposal for a curriculum to develop art education tasks to cope with contemporary and future challenges for the teacher/student in the general diploma
3- Education and Training policies development conference, July 2000
Effectiveness of team work in developing decoration skills in the light of international trends
4-Proposal to develop creativity from a physiological and documenting through visual arts
5-Proposal to develop physiological visual perception for children
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdel Qader Abdel GhaffarPublication List:
Test Anxiety and its Relation to IQ & Academic Achievement for Middle and High school Students "A Comparative Study".
Prof. Manirva Roshdy Publication List:
1-Kindergartens Section Student/Teacher's Utilization of Environmental Materials and Wastes in Producing Models of Valid Band Instruments to be used in Musical Activities by Kindergarten Children.
2-Developing some Musical Knowledge for Deaf Children
3-The Effectiveness of a Program Based on Using an Assortment of Musical Activities to teach Autistic Children some Social Skills
4-Evaluating the Curriculum, Cognitive Development, and Educational Circumstance of Kindergarten Child in the Light of the National Standards of Kindergartens Education in Egypt
5-Evaluating the Teaching Performance Skills and Personal Traits of Female Kindergarten Teachers in the Light of the Modern Models of the Curriculum
Prof. Dr. Anayat NaglahPublication List:
1- Environmental awareness
2- Science book at primary stage and its roll for development of scientific thinking
3- Suggested learning chemistry program computer assisted construction
4- Contribution of science instruction for technological education
5- Scientific commonsense for who on the verge of study at the secondary level