Book of Abstract Files (Industrial Education)

Book of Abstract Files
Prof. Walid Mohamed DaoushPublication List:

1- Fabrication of silicon carbide reinforced aluminum matrix nanocomposites and characterization of
its mechanical properties using nondestructive technique.
2- Syntheses and characterizations of multiwalled carbon nanotubes-supported
palladium nanocomposites.
3- Hot Forging and Hot Pressing of AlSi Powder Compared to Conventional Powder Metallurgy
4- Influence of Powder Preparation on Consolidation Behavior and Properties of
Tungsten-Copper Alloys
5- High-Hardness Coating Powder, And Preparation Method Thereof Electrical and
mechanical properties of carbon nanotube reinforced copper nanocomposites fabricated by electroless deposition process .
6-Effect of binder compositions on microstructure, hardness and
magnetic properties of
(Ta,Nb)C–Co and (Ta,Nb)C–Ni cemented carbides .
7-Effect of liquid phase composition on the microstructure and properties .
8-Processing and Characterization of CNT/Cu Nanocomposites by Powder Technology.
8- Study of some co-precipitated manganite perovskite samples-doped iron .

Prof. Nasser Mohamed AyoubPublication List:

1- Adaptation and Mitigation Measures in Egypt and Some Arab Countries -Current state and future recommendations.
2- Infrastructure and Forecasting Models for Integrating Natural Gas Grid within Smart Grids.
3- Governmental intervention approaches to promote renewable energies-Special emphasis on Japanese feed-in tariff.
4- Demand-driven optimization approach for biomass utilization networks.
5- Superstructure-based design and operation for biomass utilization networks.
Prof.Eng. Amr Ibrahim M.EIDPublication List:
Development of Analytical Method for combined Radiation-Convection Heat Transfer
in Arbitrary Shaped Domain
Prof. Mohamed Abdel FattahPublication List:
The Use of MSVM and HMM for Sentence Alignment