HU Vision and Mission

HU Vision

Helwan University seeks to be a leading educational and research institution in technology and arts. Pursuant to the International Quality Standards, HU makes every effort to be remarkable in education and science.

HU Mission

Helwan University, an Egyptian public university, works on:

  • Providing high-quality academic programs governed by local and International Standards to prepare distinguished graduates capable of competition and innovation. Those graduates will be able to meet their society’s needs and contribute to the social development and well-being.
  • Providing competency improvement programs for Faculty members while improving their educational and research capabilities that will eventually be reflected efficiently on both students and local and national environment.
  • Promoting scientific research in the University.
  • Achieving continuing education and promoting cooperation with international educational institutions.
  • Contributing effectively to community service and development and culture-building, along with promoting community production sectors to go into local, regional and international competition.