Academic Prizes and Awards

Prof. Dr. /Sameh Hamdi Abdel Majid Surur Assistant Professor,Faculty of Pharmacy wins the State Award Incentive Prize in the field of Medical Science. (6-2014)

Professor at  Engineering Helwan Faculty gets the best innovative project award at the European Union and the Mediterranean sea level in the field of smart grids … Details.

Helwan University Council honors Ghoneim for winning the award: “Fair Play” from the International Olympic Committee  … Details.

Scientific Publishing Excellence Award for a research project at the University of Helwan to protect and treat the field of electricity problems in Egypt  … Details  … Album

Prof. Dr. / Mahmoud Nasser Al-Tayeb, previous president of Helwan University ,gets Ain Shams University Appreciation Award for 2013  … Details.

Prof. Dr. Jalal Aljmiei professor at the Faculty of Science gets the Nile Science Award.