International Cooperation

A protocol of joint cooperation was signed between the Faculty of Home Economics at Helwan University and The Leather Industry and Tanning Partnership to train and qualify factory workers.In the framework of the governmental efforts to implement the economic reform policy and to promote the Egyptian industry to face local and international challenges, a protocol of joint cooperation was signed between HU Faculty of Home Economics- Leather Industries Dept. and The Leather Industry and Tanning Partnership. The protocol aims at achieving exporting competition, and training capability-building in various training institutions and companies, so that these institutions can fulfill the industrial labor market needs of skillful workers who are qualified for modern industrial technology. 





On 20/12/2012 at Mariot Hotel- Egypt, Prof. Yasser Sakr- HU President and Prof. 20/12/2012 at Mariot Hotel- Egypt, Prof. Yasser Sakr- HU President and Prof. xsigned a cooperation agreement between Helwan University and the universities that established The Egyptian Network for Innovation Technology (ENIT).


In cooperation with The US Agency for International Development in Egypt and The Commercial Law Development Program in The US Department of Commerce, Alexandria University organized a celebration to announce the establishment of ENIT. The celebration was held on the margin of the agreement and in the framework of the Conference of “Technology Transference Offices and Incubators Development in Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia and Pakistan” During the celebration, Dr. Khalid Elsa’dany- ENIT Coordinator gave a presentation on The Egyptian Network for Innovation Technology.