1--Architecture (Urban Planning ).

2--Photography Department.

3--Graphic Department (Print design - animation - art book).

4--Sculpture Department (Geometry and the field - Almidalia and relief sculpture).

5--Standard benchmarks for the Major Art and Design
(QAA, Art and Design 2008).


About the Faculty of Fine Arts

College founded in 1908, Prince Youssef Kamal on behalf of the Egyptian School of Fine Arts and became under the supervision of the Ministry of Education public in 1910 and in 1928.

Then it turned into the Graduate School of Fine Arts and on behalf of the Royal College of Fine Arts in 1950 and in 1953 became the Faculty of Fine Arts and later annexed to the Ministry of Higher Education in 1961 to become part of faculties of Helwan University since the founding of the university in 1975.

Prince "Youssef Kamal":

• Movement condemns the arts in Masralhaditp two men sons of the aristocracy, the first being Prince "Youssef Kamal," who founded the 1908 School of Fine Arts, and stopped its arable land, funds, and summoned from abroad professors arts to discover new talent from among the classes of the people laboring to teach them, and then sending them on missions to Europe to complete their projects in learning art, and watch the manifestation of civilization Ahlgreip in the most important Mrabaha, "Paris" and, secondly, "Mohamed Mahmud Khalil Bey," I'm the family of feudal gave himself and his money for the acquisition of Knuzalphenon, which established the most important association for the care of Fine Arts in 1923, to contribute to the formation of a new generation of artists, who graduated with the first batch of the year 1908 until 1911.

• We have been able men (Alamirobak) must strive to establish new principles, and values of modern can even create taste of a new line with the movement that paved the way for the revolution of 1919 to Taatdhafarama ideas Lutfi al-Sayyid, Muhammad Abduh, and Farah Antoun and Salama Moussa, Taha Hussein and Akkad, Mohamed Hussein Heikal, seeking to develop a new project establishes the principles of the policy.

Establishment of the first school of Fine Arts:

• If we moved to museums and arts riches, you'll note the main role of endowments to enrich the museum with its different arts, but in the establishment of specialized schools in the education of the assets of Fine Arts, which is what actually happened in 1908 when it established the Prince Youssef Kamal - a family member owners in Egypt before the revolution of July - the first school of Fine Arts in the "path Gamamez Cairo" and stopped, by an area of 127 acres of agricultural land ownership of the Directorate of Minya in Upper Egypt, and stopped it also has several buildings in Alexandria, was provided for in the argument to stop that divert revenues "as required for teaching and learning of one hundred and fifty pupils, the two-thirds of them from the Egyptians, and one third of foreigners, without regard for nationality and religion, and that their education is free - without exception - modern science from which Arab Airlines, and reliefs, and civil engineering buildings, designs, drawings and other that, "the Court of Egypt has approved a legal argument to stop the Great Prince, including the contents of these technical terms, so the first on 14 Jun e 1327 - June 3, 1909. Which is utilized by the lack of impediment of the stay on such purposes - Fine Arts and learning - according to the provisions in the argument of the stay, including the Technical requirements that "taught by teachers from France and Italy, and to give a bronze medal for each of the student's first and second successful division final , written on one side of the medal, "Verily We have granted you a manifest victory" and on the other side, "a souvenir of the Prince Youssef Kamal." and then returned the Prince and of the conditions of Waqf in the year in 1927 and make the proceeds dedicated to the missions scientific hundred and fifty students to learn the fine arts at universities in France Italy

Certificate which was granted by the College time to the School of Fine Arts in the High in 1920
The headquarters of School and College
School of Fine Arts
100 trained Gamamez - Zeinab 1908 CE - 1925
New course - the field of Zeinab even in 1927.

Sarayat papillae and trained Gamamez overlooking the pool area of the Elephant
Ms. Zainab in 1844


Map of the path of Galatasaray Gamamez Ms

Zeinab in 1911
High School of Fine Arts
12 Street Blender - Shubra 1927 m – 1931

High School of Fine Arts in Shubra is currently an abandoned building owned by the Ministry of Education

High School of Fine Arts
91 Avenue Charles de Gaulle - Giza former 1931 m - 1935


High School of Fine Arts
Royal School of Fine Arts
Faculty of Fine Arts
8 Ismail Mohamed Street - Zamalek 1935 - ......


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