1. Sport Management
2. Sport Training
3. Curricula and Physical Education Methodology
4. Sport Recreation                 5. Sport Kinesiology
6. Sport Health Sciences        7. Sport Psychology



Bachelor Degree in Physical Education (B.P.E.)
Postgraduate Diploma in Physical Education
M’s Degree in Physical Education
Ph.D. Degree in Physical Education

Bachelor Degree in Engineering

Admission Requirements

The student has to obtain the General Secondary Certificate or an equivalent certificate.

He has to pass the fitness tests decided by the faculty council.
The medical commission has to decide the student’s fitness.

Duration of Study

The required period to obtain the B.P.E. Degree is four academic years; each is divided into two semesters.
The faculty council can add an eight-week summer semester including the week of the final examinations

Regulations of Study and Examinations

The Bachelor degree is in one of the following majors:
1. Teaching Physical Education
2. Sport Management
3. Sport Training in one of the Following Sports:
Football – basketball – volleyball – handball – boxing – hockey – wrestling – judo –karate - tycondo – table tennis – tennis – squash – badminton – swimming – diving -water polo – rowing – fencing - weight lifting – gymnastics - racetrack competitions -shooting – cycling.
If the student fails in a mandatory course, he has to study it once more and re-sit for its examination. While if it is an elective course, he can either study it and re-sit for its examination, or replace it with another elective course.
The student has to attend the lectures, practical training and field training achieving a minimum attendance of 75% ; otherwise he will be prohibited from sitting for the examination in any of such courses.


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