Mohammad Nabil Alaggan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Computer Science department
Helwan University
E-mail: malaggan (at)
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Curriculum Vitae and Research Statement

I am currently looking for a post doc position byf Fall 2015.

To prospective masters students:

If you are interested in doing your masters thesis with me you should read all the references about Differential Privacy mentioned in this article.

Graduation Projects Announcements for 2014/2015





Bourse Ministérielle from the University of Rennes 1 for 3 years to pursue PhD.
Grant from Fondation Michel Metivier to pursue masters at University Rennes 1.

Suggested readings:

  1. A Mathematician's Lament - Paul Lockhart [PDF]
  2. Mathematical Education - Willian P. Thurston [PDF]

Open source projects:

  1. Arab OS: A toy operating system kernel. x86 Asm/C/C++. Pre-Alpha.
  2. Parser generator: An LALR(1) extensible parser generator, with minimal-DFA generator for scanning. Release 1.0.
  3. SRMI Spontaneous Remote Method Invocation for Java. Well tested, Release 0.8 Beta.

Useful links:

  1. Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science
  2. Computer Science stackexchange Q&A
  3. A Quick Introduction to Unix
  4. Coursera cryptography course, taught by Jonathan Katz, one the authors of "Introduction to Modern Cryptography", the textbook used for Selected Topics-3 (Cryptography) in our department.


  1. I am currently using ArchLinux, with Awesome