Starting dates

The International Master Program in Conservation of Antique Photographs and Paper Heritage will start TO be defined.

The lectures will be held at the EICAP premises, Faculty of Applied Arts (Helwan University) in Orman, Doky, Giza.

The attendance is compulsory, and a maximum of 30% absences for any given course can be tolerated provided that these absences are justified by medical, work or critical family reasons. Students with more than 30% (justified) absence will fail the course. Also, the final grade will be based in part on attendance.

Each course professor will specify at the beginning of the course the examination procedure. The final grade for each course will be composed of three parts: attendance, written/practical exam and oral exam.

For courses such as History and Technology of Photography and Materials which are taught by more than one professor, each professor will examine the students, and the final grade will be a weighted average of each professor’s individual grade.

PRELIMINARY Schedule of courses for the first semester

to Be defined