The International master Program in Conservation of Antique Photographs and Paper Heritage will start on March 19th at 4pm. The lectures will be held at the EICAP premises, Faculty of Fine Arts (Helwan University) in Zamalek.

Egypt is the richest country in Africa and the Middle East for photographic treasures dating back from 1850. Egypt is also well known for its vast library collections, for the great part in public institutions such as the National Library Dar El Kutub, university libraries, museums etc. Public and private collections of antique photographs and books in Egypt are in a state of rapid deterioration due to environmental factors.

In order to address these issues, Catania University and Helwan University, in cooperation with Egyptian-Italian Center for the Conservation of Antique Photographs and Paper Heritage (acronym EICAP), propose a master in Conservation of Antique Photographs and Paper Heritage.

University of Catania is the oldest in Sicily and one of the oldest in Europe, dating its foundation back to 1434, when the king of Spain, Alfonso of Aragon authorised the establishment of a Studium Generale with the privilege of issuing legally valid academic titles in the four core disciplines of theology, canonical and civil law; medicine; philosophy and liberal arts (literature). The papal recognition was granted ten years later by Pope Eugene IV. Today, university buildings are spread throughout the city, with a contrast between the modern, hi-tech “University City”, and numerous historical buildings in the old city centre. It offers an attractive portfolio of academic titles and is committed in the creation of a “laboratory” where the ancient Mediterranean culture meets the new technologies, in order to offer advanced training experience.

Helwan University (HU) was established on 1975. The foundation stone was laid in 1975. On 8/1/1985, the contract of the first-phase establishment was concluded. When it was established, the HU faculties began to be brought together within one Campus after long years of being off-Campus in different places. HU comprises 20 faculties, 58 self-sponsored units and a number of new facilities. HU is marked by unique specific faculties (Applied Arts, Art Education, Music Education) which do not exist in other Egyptian Universities. There are also mother faculties (Fine Arts, Physical Educations for Men, Physical Education for Women, Home Economics) from which similar faculties in other Universities have been emerged.

This International Master Programm is part of a wider initiative, i.e., the establishment of the Egyptian-Italian Center for the Conservation of Antique Photographs and Paper Heritage (acronym EICAP) and the associated conservation laboratory. EICAP has been created with financial support by the Cooperation Development Program of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The main objectives of the EICAP initiative are to establish correct guidelines for the conservation of antique photographs and paper heritage and, more in general, bringing to light the vast treasures of private photographic collections that are currently unknown to experts in the field and to the general public. EICAP, hosted by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Helwan University in Zamalek, Cairo, is a unique initiative for the entire Middle East and the Arab Region, especially for what concerns aspects relevant to photographic conservation and restoration. EICAP is also meant to work as a research and educational institute that will offer educational programs and certifications. The main educational program is the International Master in Conservation of Antique Photographs and Paper Heritage, organized jointly by Helwan University (Egypt) and by the University of Catania (Italy). For more information about EICAP, please click here.

The Master in Conservation of Antique Photographs and Paper Heritage will be held in Helwan University, Cairo. The duration of the Master Program is four semesters (two years). The academic curriculum follows the European Credit Transfer System. The Master Program is worth 120 credits (ECTS) organized in 15 courses and a Master Thesis project. More details about the proposed academic curriculum can be found by clicking here.

The Master Program emphasizes fundamental aspects of conservation science, including sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) applied to the conservation of old photographs and antique paper documents and manuscripts, as well as practical conservation skills, to which nearly three-quarters of the academic credits are dedicated. Instructors will be professors of Helwan and Catania universities as well as professional conservation experts (for a list of the Master course instructors, click here).

Students successfully completing the four-semester study program, including the discussion of a master thesis, will be awarded a joint Catania-Helwan Master Degree in Conservation of Antique Photographs and Paper Heritage, equivalent to a M.Sc. university degree in Egypt and a professional master degree according to the Italian and European (Bologna process) system.

The maximum number of students that will be admitted to the first cycle of the International Master Course is 30 students. The minimum number is 20 students. The Master Course will not be activated if less than 20 students apply (for registration fees, deadlines and admission criteria, click here). Please note deadline for application online and for the request of financial support has been extended to the 30th of November at midnight.

The courses will be held at the premises of EICAP, within the Faculty of Fine Arts of Helwan University in Zamalek, Cairo, with the possibility for students of spending up to one semester in Italy or abroad to complete the thesis project.

The official language of the Master Degree Programm will be ENGLISH.

Pre-registration now open, please click here.

Council of the International Master Program

  • Director: Prof. Enrico Ciliberto, University of Catania
  • Co-Director: Prof. Maged Negm, Vice-Presdient, Helwan University


  • Prof. Hamdi Abou Elmaati, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University
  • Prof. George Nubar, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University
  • Prof. Filippo Stanco, University of Catania
  • Prof. Franco Porcelli, Scientific Advisor, Embassy of Italy in Egypt


  • Dr. Ana Beny, Spain
  • Dr. Marco Di Bella, Italy
  • Prof. Giovanni Gallo, University of Catania, Italy
  • Prof. Simona Inserra, University of Catania, Italy

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