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About Faculty
The Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration (as one of the faculties of Helwan University) was established by Prime Minister Decision No. 924 in 1975. The faculty aims to prepare specialists in management, accounting and foreign trade that are compatible with the needs of the labor market. The matter has evolved from merely teaching some specialized courses in a foreign language to establishing a division in the faculty in which all courses are taught in English in seven majors.

Faculty Vision
We look forward to being a unique educational institution and a house of expertise in financial science, business, and international relations, and that our programs and units are accredited according to latest local and international quality standards, also to achieve excellence in the field of education and scientific research at all levels in an atmosphere of independence, freedom and the ability to create, contribute to serve society and achieve the sustainable development.

Faculty Mission
The Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration which is an educational and research institution that competes locally, regionally and internationally in the field of specialty sciences, and contributes to the overall development process locally and regionally through the development of educational and cultural levels, deepening ties within the different segments in society and offers a graduate at a high level of knowledge and science. In addition to this, the faculty is working to serve and develop the community and the surrounding environment, by providing distinguished training and consulting services in all the faculty specialties and opening up to business schools on the international level.

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