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The Unit Name:
Quality assurance and accr
The Unit Manager :
DR/ Marwa Mahmoud Omar
The proposed annual training plan for the economics Section:
The Faculty of Commerce seeks to enhance the educational environment and implement plans for continuous improvement and development to improve the educational effectiveness, to raise the level of graduates, within the scope of implementing the strategic plan to develop the educational process in the faculty in-line with the strategic plan of the university.
The establishment of a quality assurance unit at the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
- Helwan University is a reflection of the interest of the university administration, faculty administration and faculty members in the quality of the educational process and work to develop effective and organized steps to ensure continuous improvement to reach it to the accreditation stage, and that the level of quality of educational opportunities, scientific research, community participation, and environmental development is appropriate to the level of expectations of the final beneficiaries of the services provided by the faculty. To ensure the preparation of a fresh graduate who is able to keep pace with scientific and technological development.
The Quality Assurance Unit was established at the faculty on November 27/2006, on the second floor of the building. Hence the requirement of implementing the project "Supporting and developing educational effectiveness in higher education institutions at the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration".
The Unit’s Mission:
The unit contribution is to ensure the continuous improvement of the educational performance, research, and servicing the community and environment in the faculty. As well as, achieving the goal of beneficiaries and society through spreading awareness and culture of quality, achieving the mission and vision of the faculty and the university’s mission, and applying regional academic reference standards.
The Unit’s Vision
The unit seeks to be one of the most leading units in assuring quality and improving the university performance through Helwan University and all over the universities of Egypt.
The Unit’s Specializations:
• Achieving the faculty's academic and administrative quality and serving the faculty to the community.
• Annual self-evaluation of the performance of the faculty's activities, which includes:
-the mission - the structure and methods of management - faculty members - academic standards and educational programs - the quality of learning opportunities - scientific research - community participation - quality management - the work plan to identify strengths and weaknesses.
• Form teamwork for the continuous improvement in all elements of self-evaluation of the faculty through workshops, training courses, research projects, seminars, and conferences.
• Create a performance evaluation system and analysis system that includes:
   - Formulating and developing performance evaluation models of all the faculty members and leaders, and all faculty employees.
   - Producing a system that analyzes the evaluation forms of the faculty's educational process.
   - Formulating and developing performance evaluation models of all developing a system for analyzing the academic and administrative performance evaluation models.
   - Establishing a system that ensures everyone’s participation in the faculty’s educational process through the elements of annual self-evaluation.
   - Technical support for all the departments to spread the concept of quality among all the faculty’s employees.    - Spreading the awareness about the Quality culture in the faculty (faculty members, and their assistants, students, and employees), hold training courses and workshops in all the fields concerning the quality, besides preparing a cadre of trainees from the faculty members through holding the TOT courses in the quality management field.
   - Holding training courses for the faculty members about "how to prepare the courses description and writing its reports as well as, the methods to measure and evaluate it".
   - Organizing and hold conferences, seminars, and workshops in the field of the university's quality assurance.
   - Setting a system that ensures the continuous work of the unit.
Board of Directors :
The Unit's Organizational Structure consists of:
Faculty dean and the chairman of the board of directors and President
Unit director   Member
Unit's vice director    Member
Faculty vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs   Member
Faculty Vice Dean for Environmental Development and Community Service   Member
Faculty vice dean for postgraduate studies and research  Member
Faculty general director   Member
Secretary of the union and the secretary of the faculty-student union   Member
The support and development educational effectiveness project in higher educational institutions (SDEE)
The project aims to contribute and provide an educational environment that raises the standard of the educational effectiveness in the first level of the university.
This project includes a justification of how to reach the quality of education within the faculty's strategic plan consistent with the university’s strategic plan, Then this is followed by a statement of the necessary announcements and obligations to implement the project, followed by clarification of the project’s description and the teamwork, as well as full details of the action plan and implementation.
Many parties get a direct and indirect benefit from this project such as students, faculty members, and their assistants, the administrative bodies, private sector institutions, which contribute to serving the society and human development.
According to what the faculty witnessed from a great number of students and the hope to achieve the educational effectiveness, so the faculty is progressing this project to support educational effectiveness through the following:
   • Improving and equipping the faculty's teaching rooms
   • Developing and equipping the faculty's infrastructure
   • Setting up two videoconferencing units
   • Setting up two electronic correction units
   • Setting up a banking simulation room
   • Setting up a stock exchange room
   • Presenting an economics program to reach accreditation.

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