Faculty of Commerce and Business Adminstration


The faculty of commerce and business administration is one of the leading faculties that was established in 1942 and was called the Higher Institute of Accounting and Financial Sciences.
At the undergraduate level, the faculty is considered a pioneer in providing the Business Information Systems (BIS) program, which integrates business and computer sciences. It is the first program at the local and regional levels.
The faculty also introduces the FMI Financial Markets and Institutions program, which is also the first program locally and regionally to provide graduates who meet the needs of the market.
At the postgraduate level, the faculty has a unique program in hospital management and health economics that grants various scientific degrees (diploma, master, and doctorate) in hospital management, health economics, and health information systems.
The faculty is also considered one of the leading faculties in achieving scientific degrees at the undergraduate level in each of the following:
Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Foreign Trade, Political Science, Math, Insurance, Applied Statistics, and Information Systems. Studies for these degrees are taught in both Arabic and English.
The faculty also offers academic degrees at the postgraduate level, as it grants the following degrees: Diploma in Human Resources; Accounting and Auditing; Master and Doctorate in Accounting; Business Administration; Economics; Foreign Trade; Political Science; Math Insurance; and applied statistics.
he faculty develops a culture of community service and environmental development among students and faculty members by sponsoring seminars and conferences that contribute to raising awareness about global issues (environmental, economic, and health), such as sustainable development, climate change, and the Coronavirus. as well as the faculty, play an important role in encouraging their graduates at different stages to compete in the labor market.

ALLAH grants success

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Prof/Gamal Ali

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