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Our partners

(1)   DAAD


Joint and double degree programs are an increasingly popular approach to internationalizing higher education. Today, cross-border collaborative degree programs are continuing to receive much attention worldwide, because they offer opportunities for colleges and universities to build strong institutional partnerships and provide particularly deep and meaningful international experiences to students. Students are beginning to seek out the international competency currency that such collaborative degrees have to offer beyond the benefits of a degree from a single institution.

DAAD believes that Joint and double degree programs are an important contribution to the internationalization of higher education and to the strengthening of international exchange among students and academia. Within the framework of supporting such programs.

 DAAD accepted the joint proposal submitted by Würzburg University to launch a joint  master program in Museum Studies between Würzburg University and Helwan University and funded the workshops prior to the agreement

(2)    Würzburg University

The roots of the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg reach back as far as 1402. In that era, it was the sixth institution of higher education to be founded in the German-speaking regions of Europe, after the Universities of Prague, Vienna, Heidelberg, Cologne, and Erfurt.

Many eminent scholars and scientists, 14 Nobel Laureates among them, have researched and taught in Würzburg. Today, Würzburg's University is counted among the medium-sized institutions of higher education in Germany. It comprises ten faculties with about 400 professors and 28,000 students. Having grown over more than six centuries, the University of Würzburg offers a wide range of subjects. This range includes many new degree programs in Museology.

The University comprises:10 faculties   -  55 institutes -   24 clinics -  227 chairs


Students Population inAutumn term 2014/15

27,955 students, including
15,950 female students
2,304 international students
4,261 students in their first semester at university



Employing around 10,000 staff, the University and the University Clinic Würzburg are two of the major employers in the region.

Personnel: 4,248 members of staff (University only), including
2,443 academic staff, including 
422 professors (incl. Clinic)


DAAD has accepted the joint proposal  submitted by Würzburg University to launch a joint  master program in museum studies between Würzburg University and Helwan University and currently funding the workshops prior to the agreement.


·         1st workshopwas held in Cairo,  Egypt  12th-17thMarch, 2015 (big delegation)


From Helwan University, Egypt:

Prof. Maged Negm                            University Acting-President

Prof. Hosam Refai                              Faculty of Tourism Dean

Prof. Aly Omar Abdallah                   Program coordinator

Prof. Khaled Enany                            Director of NEMC

Dr. Rania Aly Maher                          Program Academic Advisor

Dr. Noha Shalaby                               Program Registrar


From Würzburg University, Germany:

Prof. Eckhardt Pache                           University Vice-President

Prof. Martin Stadler                            Professor of Egyptology

Prof. Guido Fackler                            Museology Department

Dr. Stefanie Menke                             Museology Department

Elisabeth Geifenstein, M. A.              Egyptology Department                    

The next workshops will be as follows:

·         2nd workshop in Cairo, Egypt 25th April – 9th May, 2015 (small delegation)

·         3rd workshop in Würzburg, Germany at the End of July, 2015 (small delegation)

·         4th workshop in Würzburg, Germany Mid-November, 2015 (The big delegation, headed by the University President, including a number of Egyptian students)

·         In November 2015, the MoU between the University of Helwan and Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg was signed by the University Presidents establishing a Double Degree Program, of which the first intake Egyptian students spent the Summer Semester in Würzburg from March 2016 to August 2016, while the German students spent the Winter Semester in Egypt from October 2016 to March 2017. The second intake Egyptian students arrived at Würzburg in March 2017 and are currently spending the Summer Semester.


















































































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