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Education and Student Affairs Sector

Prof. Hossam Mohamed Rifai

Vice President for Education and Student Affairs

The Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, for the bachelor level, is specialized in cultural, sporty, social and health affairs for students. Certainly, he heads the University Education and Student Affairs Council.
Sector Administrations
General Administration of Education and Student Affairs
Carry out the planning work and draw up policies for the education affairs sector within the limits of the rules and regulations to achieve its objective and control all the work related to this matter.
The General Administration of Education and Student Affairs includes the following administrations:
• Administration of Graduates Affairs and Editing Certificates
• Learning and Examination Management
• Registration Management
• Aboard-Students Management

General Administration of University Cities
University cities are considered one of the most important sectors for university students’ care; whether it is social, health, scientific, cultural or sporty care. It provides an integrated university life for its students, especially students who are away from their families.

General Administration of Student Welfare
Youth Welfare Department organizes the practice of artistic, sports, social activities, trips, and family activities. In addition, it organizes scouting camps and public service camps, which is considered as an important outlet for university students. Accordingly, it is one of the legitimate channels for preparing student and developing the capabilities of their talents.