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Postgraduate Studies and Research Sector

Prof. Mona Fouad Attia

Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research

The Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research is responsible for documenting the cultural and scientific ties between the university and other universities, centers, institutes, and scientific bodies concerned with scientific research inside and outside the Republic. Consequently, she chairs the Council of Graduate Studies and Research.

Sector Administrations

General Administration of Graduate Studies

• Contribute to the development of integrated systems for admission and registration affairs, as well as, to supervise their dissemination, application and follow-up between faculties

• Follow up the registration procedures for the master, doctorate degrees, revocation and cases of extending the period in the faculties, in accordance with the regulations and systems of the internal regulations

General Administration of Cultural Relations

• Organize and develop cultural and scientific contacts between the university, other universities, scientific bodies and local scientific research centers

• Offer study and training opportunities abroad for teaching assistants, researchers, secondments of faculty members abroad, and design a plan

• Allow study leaves, grants, and scientific missions for faculty members, and regulate the use of scholarships offered by the government