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Vision and mission

The vision, the mission and the values of Helwan University

The university’s vision and mission have been updated to conform to the developments and future trends. It reflects the ambitions and aspirations that the university seeks to achieve through a clear and integrated strategy.

The Vision of Helwan University

To be a pioneer in the production and investment of knowledge with a globally advanced classification

The Mission of Helwan University

Helwan University is working to achieve outstanding institutional performance that supports the production and investment of knowledge towards sustainable development. It affords smart and developed educational services in accordance with the quality standards. In addition, Helwan University implements distinguished scientific research and provides effective competitive mobility, which contributes to the advancement of the society.

 The Values of Helwan University

Belonging and Loyalty                               Empowering Youth

Creativity and innovation                                    Mastery and professionalism

Academic freedom                                      Trust and accountability

Competitiveness and leadership                         Cooperation and teamwork

Social and environmental responsibility     Diversity and respect for differences

Integrity and transparency                          Justice and equal opportunities