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Faculty of Music Education

The Faculty of Music Education Was originally established in 1935/1936 under the name of “Higher Institute of Music Education” as a department in the “The Institute of Education for Girls” in Zamalek. In 1942, it was affiliated, among other institutes, as “The Institute of Music Education” to “The Higher Technical Institutes for girls” which was given a new name as “The Higher Institute of Art Teachers in Bulaq”. Later in 1947, it became self-proclaimed as “The Higher Institute of Music Teachers” and was affiliated to the Ministry of Public Education by this time. Until the early 1950s, music education was exclusively offered to girls. However, in 1951, another institute for music education was founded for the first time for boys. In 1964, the two institutes have merged together under the sovereignty of the Ministry of Higher Education. In the academic year 1975/1976, “The Higher Institute of Music Education” was affiliated to Helwan University and was known as “Faculty of Music Education”.

    • The Faculty of Music Education is second to none not only in Egypt but in the Middle East at large. In our programmes, we pursue quality and excellence in music education through creating a powerful formula for teaching and learning that highly considers the scientific research as well as the sustainable development of our community.
    • We cater the needs of educational institutions of all levels as well as the community organizations with music teachers and distinguished researchers who are capable of conducting scientific research in music studies.
    • We seek to supply the community with more than just qualified teachers of music education, but teachers who are passionate about sparking fire of curiosity towards music in their students.



  • Bachelor of Music Education (Only One Programme) Duration of study is five years, including one foundation year
  • Duration of study is five years, including one foundation year


      Diploma Programmes

  • Diploma in Music Education (For the Faculty of Music Education’s alumnus)
  • Diploma in Music Education (For Faculties of Specific Education’s alumnus)
  • Diploma for Alumnus (Who did not accomplish the requirements of the faculty, each in his specialization)
  • Diploma in Pharaonic Music
  • A Professional Diploma (For qualifying graduates of Music Faculties to work in the field of special needs